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1. Have a tapa, preferable Iberian ham and a drink at the Plaza mayor. Get to the Spanish way of live.
2. Get yourself in shape by going up the belfry (Ieronimus) medieval towers, with the spectacular view. Inside both cathedrals and of the city..
3. Visit both cathedrals. Yes here in Salamanca we have 2 cathedrals and they are both still in use. Start the visit in the 12th century and end up in the 17th century.
4. Salamanca, the oldest university city of Spain. It still has its historical building with its breathtaking facade and its beautiful patios.
5. Have a stroll over the roman bridge and along the river and enjoy the sight to the city.
6. A treasure of Salamanca. Casa Lis, museum of art deco and art nouveau. With one of the most important puppet collections of Europe and a beautiful collection of Chryselephantines, fine sculptures of ivory and bronce. There is a combined ticket with the automobile museum. Private collection, if you are a car lover, it is really a must to visit it.
7. Shell house, peculiar building which is now used as public library with a patio worth while a visit.
8. If you are still in shape, get up the towers of Scala Coelie (stairway to heaven). Again, but in a very different way, spectacular views of the city.
9. St. Stephan church and convent. Home of one of the most important monks. Francisco de Vitoria. Emperor Charles V wanted him to be present at the Council of Trent, this man was the founder of international law and a defender of the rights for the people
10. Have a tour with me.